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At Barth Industrial Solutions we continue to innovate to offer our clients the best solutions. We specialize in machine (re)design and product guidance. As engineers we also continuously improve our own work process in order to serve you fast and cost-efficiently.

Project management

Barth Industrial Solutions ensures a flexible workflow for the total duration of the machine developing and realisation project. Our project managers bring together the wishes and possibilities of the client and the contractor and monitor the progress. As the project develops, we are able to continuously make adjustments at every level, ensuring a successful outcome.

Machine (re)design

The engineers at Barth Industrial Solutions are specialists in both developing new machines and making existing systems more efficient. We contribute to the improvement of the production process by simplifying entire production lines or parts thereof. Naturally, the machines we design comply with existing guidelines and are provided with a CE-marking.

Mechanical engineering

Barth Industrial Solutions not only designs machines, but also builds them. We collect the principles, requirements and wishes together with the customer. We design a multidisciplinary machine and, if desired, also modular, so that the most optimal choice is always integrated into the design. This happens in mechanics, electrical engineering or software. With our knowledge of various industries and applications, we often offer surprising results.


Machine safety

With our sophisticated risk assessments, we can determine for our customers whether their machines meet the current guidelines and safety requirements. Where necessary, we propose practical measures. Because we have all the options to implement these measures, we ensure that your machine park continues to comply with the current guidelines.

Machine upgrades

Sometimes machines or machine controlsystems no longer meet the requirements of the production process. The investment in a new machine is often too expensive. We think along with our customers to jointly determine for which improvements there is a feasible business case. And of course we are only satisfied when the adjustments have actually been realized.

“We continue where other machine builders leave off.”

Stefan Schuurbiers